The Ultimate Guide to Chromebooks and Chrome OS

Chromebooks are no longer in their nascent stages. Their sales have been gradually increasing for the past year. Irrevocably, Chrome OS too has itself come a long way in terms of sheer functionality. And why shouldn’t anyone consider them while looking for their next workstation? They are simple, cheap, and powerful enough for most users out there. However, Chrome OS itself can be slightly intimidating and futile at first if you’re unaware of its notions.

The core rationale behind the myths and complications revolving around it is the name which translates to “just a browser” for the majority. Principally, that’s true, although Chrome OS, as I mentioned, has received a slew of critical updates recently making it a substantial competitor in the market. However, under the surface, there are a plethora of features users don’t even discover during their usage, hence here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Chrome OS.

Ultimate Guide to Chromebooks Chrome OS