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What is a Chromebook? Why is it the Perfect Computer for Parents & Grandparents?

Simple and secure, the Chromebook makes getting things done in and out of the classroom, at work, or at home quick, easy, and affordable. Chromebooks were introduced in June 2011. In just a short time they now comprise 58% of the computers used in K-12 school classrooms. For the parent or grandparent, this relatively inexpensive computer is far easier to use than a full-featured Windows or Mac computer would be.

They’re effectively impervious to viruses. They can use Voice commands: You can say “OK, Google” from the launcher to invoke Google’s voice-powered assistant. There is tight integration with everything Google: Gmail, Drive, Calendar and so on. That means any document created in, say, Google Docs is automatically archived to Drive. It’s like full-time, automatic backup for nearly everything the user does. The most recent Chromebooks can use Google Play to install almost all Android Apps that are available for phones and tablets.

The Virtual Chromebook Meetup

elder chromebookThis website is the home of the Virtual Chromebook Meetup. The Meetup is open to any computer or technology user group or anyone interested in learning about Chromebooks.

The meetings will be announced soon and will be available live on line. The meetings will be recorded and those recordings will be available on this website.

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Print to network printer Chromebook

How to print to a local network printer from a Chromebook

Chromebooks recently gained the experimental ability to print to local printers with the release of Chrome OS Version 57 to the stable channel. That’s great news if you want to use a Chromebook with network printers that don’t support Google Cloud Print. Local printing also allows you to print when your internet connection is down or when you’d prefer to not use Google Cloud Print.
Ultimate Guide to Chromebooks Chrome OS

The Ultimate Guide to Chromebooks and Chrome OS

Chromebooks are no longer in their nascent stages. Their sales have been gradually increasing for the past year. Irrevocably, Chrome OS too has itself come a long way in terms of sheer functionality. And why shouldn’t anyone consider them while looking for their next workstation? They are simple, cheap, and powerful enough for most users out there. However, Chrome OS itself can be slightly intimidating and futile at first if you’re unaware of its notions. The core rationale behind the myths and complications revolving around it is the name which translates to “just a browser” for the majority. Principally, that’s true, although Chrome OS, as I mentioned, has received a slew of critical updates recently making it a substantial competitor in the market. However, under the surface, there are a plethora of features users don’t even discover during their usage, hence here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Chrome OS.
Chromebook Task Manager

Chromebook Task Manager

I kid about this feature all the time. Back in my Windows days it was my answer to most PC problems and since has carried over to become a bit of a running joke. Amongst my “techie” friends, anytime someone has an issue with any type of electronic device, it’s my go to response. Phone on the fritz? Ctrl+Alt+Del. “My smart fridge stopped making ice.” “Did you try Ctrl+Alt+Del?” “My spouse is stressing my about my Chromebook spending.” “Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and call a lawyer!” I’m kidding of course but that’s something I’d probably say. Seriously though, what about Chrome OS? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d like to be able to terminate an app.” Or, maybe you’re like me and like to see what system resources are being used by what.
8 Apps to replace desktop favorites

8 Chromebook Apps to Replace Your Desktop Favorites

If you’re reading this as someone who’s thinking of switching to Chromebook but hasn’t yet, here’s what I think: Chromebooks fall short for specialized business or creative work, but they’re perfect for everyday tasks like music, taking notes, surfing the web, documents and spreadsheets, etc. Check out the following apps to see if your needs can be fulfilled with a Chromebook.

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