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What is a Chromebook? Why is it the Perfect Computer for Parents & Grandparents?

Simple and secure, the Chromebook makes getting things done in and out of the classroom, at work, or at home quick, easy, and affordable. Chromebooks were introduced in June 2011. In just a short time they now comprise 58% of the computers used in K-12 school classrooms. For the parent or grandparent, this relatively inexpensive computer is far easier to use than a full-featured Windows or Mac computer would be.

They’re effectively impervious to viruses. They can use Voice commands: You can say “OK, Google” from the launcher to invoke Google’s voice-powered assistant. There is tight integration with everything Google: Gmail, Drive, Calendar and so on. That means any document created in, say, Google Docs is automatically archived to Drive. It’s like full-time, automatic backup for nearly everything the user does. The most recent Chromebooks can use Google Play to install almost all Android Apps that are available for phones and tablets.

The Virtual Chromebook Meetup

elder chromebookThis website is the home of the Virtual Chromebook Meetup. The Meetup is open to any computer or technology user group or anyone interested in learning about Chromebooks.

The meetings will be announced soon and will be available live on line. The meetings will be recorded and those recordings will be available on this website.

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How to choose a chromebook

How to Choose a Chromebook? 7 Key Factors to Help You Decide

Chromebooks are lightweight personal computers which are more than capable to handle light to moderate computing tasks. In fact, for a user like me, a Chromebook is all I need for my day to day computer use and online browsing requirements. I gave up my 20 years of friendship with the Windows in favour of the Chromebook in summer 2014. Since then, I have been a satisfied user of the Chromebooks.
Chromebook Conquers Schools

How Google Chromebooks conquered schools

NEW YORK (AP) — The Google Chromebook, a type of stripped-down laptop, isn't a practical mobile device for many people — mostly because it basically turns into an expensive paperweight whenever it can't find a Wi-Fi connection. Yet Chromebooks have defied expectations and made major inroads in an unexpected environment — U.S. schools. In retrospect, that shouldn't be too surprising. Chromebooks are cheap and easy to manage, making them popular with budget-constrained schools with limited tech-support staff. And Wi-Fi is now common enough in U.S. schools and homes to make an internet-dependent device practical for students.
If you give a kindergartner a Chromebook

If you give a kindergartner a Chromebook

Although even the youngest children are considered tech-savvy today, there exists a difference between a child who knows how to use a tablet to watch videos and a child who knows how to navigate a device for active learning. The thought of giving 30 kindergarten students their own Chromebooks might be daunting. But for one classroom, the move yielded some surprising results for student engagement, learning progress, and for students with special needs.
The 5 stages of Chromebook acceptance

The 5 Stages of Chromebook Acceptance

The first couple of generations of Chromebooks were stripped-down laptops running Google's Chrome OS -- literally, little more than the browser as an operating system -- and were more hype than reality. At best they worked for kids or the tech-averse: Fine for basics like email, Facebook and YouTube but it was a major struggle to make one of them your main machine. Now Chromebooks have had a few generations to evolve. Many have standard Intel Core processors, better file management and access to Android apps via the Google Play Store. It now feels like the category has gotten a major reboot, as seen in the excellent new Samsung Chromebook Pro.

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