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What is a Chromebook? Why is it the Perfect Computer for Parents & Grandparents?

Simple and secure, the Chromebook makes getting things done in and out of the classroom, at work, or at home quick, easy, and affordable. Chromebooks were introduced in June 2011. In just a short time they now comprise 58% of the computers used in K-12 school classrooms. For the parent or grandparent, this relatively inexpensive computer is far easier to use than a full-featured Windows or Mac computer would be.

They’re effectively impervious to viruses. They can use Voice commands: You can say “OK, Google” from the launcher to invoke Google’s voice-powered assistant. There is tight integration with everything Google: Gmail, Drive, Calendar and so on. That means any document created in, say, Google Docs is automatically archived to Drive. It’s like full-time, automatic backup for nearly everything the user does. The most recent Chromebooks can use Google Play to install almost all Android Apps that are available for phones and tablets.

The Virtual Chromebook Meetup

elder chromebookThis website is the home of the Virtual Chromebook Meetup. The Meetup is open to any computer or technology user group or anyone interested in learning about Chromebooks.

The meetings will be announced soon and will be available live on line. The meetings will be recorded and those recordings will be available on this website.

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The Life of a Chromebook

The Life of a Chromebook

Ask a public school administrator about a cost effective way to try to go 1:1 in a school, and the odds are a good many of them will say to buy Chromebooks.  We had the privilege of being asked to come to a school to pioneer paperless classrooms. We were always known as those teachers who were out there, dancing around the room, doing whatever we could to keep kids engaged. We were also known as those who were always looking for new ways to engage students. To us, this sounded perfect.
7 Can’t-Miss Chromebook Apps & Extensions

7 Can’t-Miss Chromebook Apps & Extensions

Chromebooks have taken the U.S. classroom by storm. According to market research firm, FutureSource Consulting, the Google Chrome operating system is now 58 percent of school-purchased mobile devices in 2016. Schools are purchasing more devices overall, and in the U.S. there is about one device for every four students. A number that is expected to keep growing reports FutureSource. With an expansive library of Chromebook applications, it can be overwhelming to decide. We pulled together a few apps and extensions you might consider for your classroom.
Take a photo with your Chromebook

Take a photo with your Chromebook

Take a photo with your Chromebook’s built-in camera Take photos with a five-second timer Take three photos in a row Switch between cameras Add filters and effects Flip image from left to right
Holiday Gift Guide Best Google Chromebooks

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – 2018: Best Google Chromebooks & Android Tablets

Ever since Chromebooks first launched, they have been on an upward trajectory gaining higher rates of adoption and more market share each year. At the same time, tablets have been seemingly on the decline with each year resulting in less demand at a consumer level. Although that has not stopped manufacturers from releasing new models each year. In fact, over the last year or two the line between Chromebooks and tablets has blurred massively with Chromebooks taking on more tablet features and even gaining Android app compatibility. Which now means that regardless of whether you are looking for a Chromebook or a tablet, there are plenty of options now available.

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