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What is a Chromebook? Why is it the Perfect Computer for Parents & Grandparents?

Simple and secure, the Chromebook makes getting things done in and out of the classroom, at work, or at home quick, easy, and affordable. Chromebooks were introduced in June 2011. In just a short time they now comprise 58% of the computers used in K-12 school classrooms. For the parent or grandparent, this relatively inexpensive computer is far easier to use than a full-featured Windows or Mac computer would be.

They’re effectively impervious to viruses. They can use Voice commands: You can say “OK, Google” from the launcher to invoke Google’s voice-powered assistant. There is tight integration with everything Google: Gmail, Drive, Calendar and so on. That means any document created in, say, Google Docs is automatically archived to Drive. It’s like full-time, automatic backup for nearly everything the user does. The most recent Chromebooks can use Google Play to install almost all Android Apps that are available for phones and tablets.

The Virtual Chromebook Meetup

elder chromebookThis website is the home of the Virtual Chromebook Meetup. The Meetup is open to any computer or technology user group or anyone interested in learning about Chromebooks.

The meetings will be announced soon and will be available live on line. The meetings will be recorded and those recordings will be available on this website.

These are the latest Blog posts. Click on a blog excerpt, or to see all of the blogs, click on the menu item or click here.

These are the latest articles posted. Click on an article excerpt or to see all of the articles, click on the menu item or click here.

The 7 Most Common Chromebook Errors and How to Fix Them

The 7 Most Common Chromebook Errors and How to Fix Them

Chromebooks are delightfully robust machines. Things rarely go wrong, and they can take a real hammering before they eventually give up the ghost. It puts them in stark contrast to most Windows laptops and Macs. And because Chromebooks are so cheap, it’s not the end of the world if your laptop does go to the graveyard in the sky — you can get a new one for little more than $200. However, don’t throw away your device just yet. It might still be salvageable. You just need to identify your problem and follow a few basic troubleshooting steps.
Reviewed Samsung Chromebook Plus

Reviewed: Samsung Chromebook Plus

THE LIGHTWEIGHT LAPTOP REPLACEMENT YOU NEED TO OWN I have been using the Samsung Chromebook Plus exclusively now for a few months to really get to grips with it as it is different to a Windows based laptop and some things which I will go into taking a little bit of getting used to. Firstly let me just say that it has completely replaced the need for me to carry around a Windows Laptop. If you had a fear previously that Chromebooks needed internet all the time then fear not as that need is now gone.
New Chromebooks With Cellular Options May Be On The Horizon

New Chromebooks With Cellular Options May Be On The Horizon

It’s 2017 and things are changing exponentially in the world of Chrome OS. Convertibles are king and tablets and detachable will soon be a reality. Mobile carriers are continuing to battle and drive down the price of unlimited plans and add-ons. It is now plausible to have a second cellular device with enough data to actually do something with and still cost less than what many of us paid for one line just five years ago. At least once a week I search the Chromium repository for any signs of new cellular support or a device that might be housing a cellular modem. Aside from the occasional update to existing devices, I have continually come up empty-handed.
Chromebooks can zip files

Chromebooks Can Zip Files, Too, And Here’s How To Do It

Want to compress some files on your Chromebook, or maybe open a compressed file you recently downloaded? Not every Chromebook user realizes this, but support for zipping and unzipping both .ZIP and .RAR files is built into ChromeOS, meaning your Chromebook can already do it — assuming you know how. There’s also a free application designed to add support for even more filetypes, whether you need to handle .7Z files or tarballs. Let’s dive right in, and show you how to manage archived files on your Chromebook.

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