My Chromebook Was Upgraded to Version 64

This morning I checked for a Chromebook version update. See . It began downloading an update. In the update installation dialog box, there was a checkbox next to “Update firmware for added security,” which I checked. By doing so, any chips in the Chromebook that need it will get also get updated. See for more information.

Apparently, this was a major update. During the process, a notice popped up that said, “This upgrade resets your Chromebook & removes current data.” When the upgrade completed, I was at factory-fresh. I was asked for the new computer information. It asked me to choose the wi-fi and its password. Then it asked me to sign in with my account (email address & password). Once I did so, it set up my Chromebook from the cloud. Then it asked to install Google Play Store, which my Chromebook supports.

Once Google Play was installed, I waited a few minutes and noticed that a down-arrow appeared in the notification area next to the status tray. It was now downloading more apps that had been installed. However, not all of my apps automatically downloaded.

I had to go to Play Store and click on the 3-line menu on the top left. Then I chose “my apps & games.” There were 3 tabs at the top, Updates, Installed, & Library. The Library tabs show which apps I had installed prior to this on my Chromebook or my Android phone. I then added any apps that I wanted. It gave me the opportunity to leave out unused apps that I had previously installed.

Obviously, my Chromebook would not remember any accounts or passwords associated with any of my apps, so I had to use my eWallet password manager for those that I did not remember. Make sure that you keep a list of all of your passwords. A password manager is better than index cards or a sheet of paper, but a list should be kept.

My Chromebook version is now 64 (64.0.3282.167). It was upgraded from version 63 (63.0.3239.140).