My Chromebook is a Phone

Today, I made my Chromebook a phone. I can dial out to any phone and receive calls just using my Chromebook and an Android App from MagicJack . Not only can I use it as a phone, I can also message with the app as well.

Now there are some “gotchas” to this. You need to have either a MagicJackPlus or the more recent MagicJackGo. The Go is available at Amazon for $35 and includes 1 year of free service. Service after the first year is $39 for 1 year or $30 per year if you renew for 3 years. When I upgraded to my Plus 4 years ago, I paid $20 per year for 5 years. I have 1 more to go before I will have to renew again.

MagicJack Dial PadThere is an iOS & an Android App for the MagicJack. I was able to install the App on my Chromebook which is one that currently supports Android Apps (see the list here). The App has not been truly formatted for a Chromebook, so it will be in a phone-sized window. If you have a convertible 2-in-1 touch screen that makes into a tablet Chromebook, you can turn it to portrait mode and full screen it to make it look like a giant phone. You also need a Chromebook that has a microphone (many do) and a speaker, which I think all of them have.

You are allowed 1 external device per MagicJack. I had to remove my iPad from the account and add the Chromebook. Once I did that, it worked perfectly.

Messaging with MagicJackThe app will also send text messages. It does not allow photo attachments. Text and emojis seemed to work fine. If the app is not open, I do get notifications in the bottom right of the screen next to the Status Tray that I have received a call or a message. There is also a notification number in the app.

So, if I should forget my cell phone or it runs out of battery, and I have wi-fi available, I will still have a phone in my Chromebook.

MagicJack Recent Calls