Being Stylus

Touchscreens are everywhere. I no longer have any of my “toys” without one. My desktop computer has a 23? Hannspree touch monitor. My Dell 15? laptop, Microsoft Surface 3 and the 11? Chromebook have touchscreens. Of course, the iPad, the 2 Android smartphones, and our old iPhones are touch.

ballpoint pen stylus comborubber stylusLike many of my friends & neighbors, my fingers are not as easy to control and precision is not always the norm. I attend a lot of trade shows and local events where businesses have booths where they give away advertising “stuff.” Many of them now give away a stylus or a pen with a stylus. I always pick some up, to use or to share with friends.

The stylus usually is rubber tipped and you use it like a pointer. It works well with the touchscreens on phones. I found that those did not work on my Surface 3 which required a $50 special stylus. I did find an HTC Scribe Digital Pen for $4 for it and ordered 3 of them. They only worked on the Surface 3 and not on any of my other devices. They are now available on Amazon for $30.

Musemee Notier V2 Precision Stylus for Capacitance Touchscreen DevicesI wanted a more precise stylus, so I decided to try a couple that I found on Amazon. The Musemee Notier V2 Precision Stylus for Capacitance Touchscreen Devices sells for $12 and is a Prime item. It has a replaceable tip with a clear disc which gives you an accurate point. The cap is part of the body so you won’t lose it. It is not easy to grip and does not have a pocket clip. It does work on every one of my touch screens including the Surface 3.

 Meko StylusI also ordered the MEKO (2nd Generation) [2 in 1 Precision Series] Disc Stylus/Styli with Fiber Tip from Amazon for $18, but the package contains 2 of them. The price is actually $9. It is not a Prime product but has free shipping. It has a similar replaceable tip with a clear disk on one end and a fiber tip on the other end. It has a screw on cap that fits at either end, so you should not lose it. It also works on all my devices. My one complaint about this item is that the clip is too short and doesn’t really clip to a shirt pocket properly.

MEKO -2 Pcs w-replacementBoth the Musemee and the Meko come with extra points and you can purchase more. If you drop the stylus; the end will break and it needs to be replaced. I like both instruments and suggest either as an add-on or perhaps a gift, especially for those who have a problem hitting the right keys.

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