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Here’s how to set up a VPN on your Chromebook

There are three ways to set up a Chromebook VPN. The first and easiest method is to use a Chrome extension if your provider offers one. Install it, toggle the service on, and you’re good to go.

The second option is to use an Android app, but this only works on Chromebooks with access to the Play Store. Download the app to your Chromebook, set things up like you would on your smartphone, and you’re done. Not all VPN apps run perfectly on Chrome OS, so you might encounter a problem or two depending on your provider.

How to Choose Best Refurbished Chromebook

People who have no idea about refurbished Chromebook will not be able to quickly choose the very best item. There are hundreds of refurbished Chromebook from various brands and you cannot compare them all by yourself! We recommend you to make the task easier by using our help. Read our buying guide and choose an option from our top list of the best refurbished Chromebook.

Chromebook OS – Enhance Security with This Hidden Feature

Even though most people don’t know this, Chrome OS is highly versatile, especially when it comes to security. In fact, Chrome OS’s versatility is one of the things that makes it such a great alternative to classic desktop operating systems such as Linux and Windows 10. Google puts a high price on user security and this is why it made sure to automate the security on Chrome OS by sending behind the scenes updates and using special hardware-connected setup which guarantees that Chrome OS is not tampered by anyone or any type of malware.

Best Photo Editor for Your Chromebook in 2018

One of the most often asked questions about Chromebooks we get is how to edit photos. You see the same questions in the comments of Chromebook posts and in forums and everywhere else. It’s a valid question.

One of the biggest holes in the Chromebook toolbox has always been content creation apps and utilities. If you need to edit video or audio or do more than some quick touch up work on photos, you likely looked towards a Windows or Mac laptop instead of a Chromebook because the tools were few and far between and many of the available ones were little more than a link to an online utility.

Best Chromebook for Students in 2018

A student needs a laptop that is reliable, affordable and robust. The Lenovo Chromebook 500e is all that and more. The Chromebook 500e was designed for students to carry back and forth to class without worry because of its rugged build. Features like a 360-degree hinge and excellent pen support make it the best Chromebook for any student. This is a deal at around $300.

Here are all the Chromebooks that run Android and Linux apps

Because of the rather long rollout of Android and Linux app support for Chromebooks, it can get rather confusing to keep up with which models can run these apps. This list will show just how many Chromebooks can run Android and Linux apps in the stable update channel, along with other models that are running those apps in pre-release channels, and also Chromebooks that are scheduled to add Android app support at some point.

How to access Android Files on Chrome OS File Manager

Thanks to a lot of updates and changes Android apps now works quite well on Chrome OS. However, there was still one issue that needs some attention and a solution to the problem. This issue was the file management of the OS by Google. While the OS allowed users to access the Downloads folder from Android apps, its File app was not able to see Android file system. However, finally, this is now changing.

According to an announcement by Francois Beaufort, Chrome writer at Google, “an Android files menu option for the Chrome OS Files app is in development”. He also confirmed that it is currently available for users to try it. Users can easily try the Files app by enabling the new #show android files in the files app. However, according to some reports, it is currently available is in the development of Chrome OS channels only.

Chromebook vs Laptop in 2018: Can it replace your Windows Computer?

More people than ever use a smartphone as their only computer. That makes sense; you have the web, apps for any service you want, entertainment via music and video, and it’s all shown on a reasonably large screen. All in your pocket, all the time.

But a lot of people still need or want a laptop. Maybe a smartphone isn’t ideal for typing out long emails or you need to get some work done that wouldn’t be fun or easy to do on a phone. There are a lot of reasons people want or need a bigger device with a full keyboard. With Chromebooks becoming more powerful as Chrome OS finds its place as a mobile operating system, it’s time once again to see if a Chromebook can replace your laptop this year.