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Chromefy turns any PC into a Chromebook

There’s no shortage of Chromebooks on the market today, including entry-level models that sell for under $200 and premium devices that cost as much as $1600. But you can also make your own Chromebook by installing Chrome OS on a PC you may already have.

Doing so could breathe new life into an aging computer that may struggle to keep up with modern software, load a simple-to-use and relatively secure operating system on a PC for a friend or family member, or to explore what Google’s desktop OS has to offer for power users.

Can you use a Chromebook without internet access?

Has this ever happened to you?
You’re in the middle of your 3rd period. Things are going well. The lesson you created for your students is working better than you planned. Suddenly, you can sense the momentum begin to change. Students who had been working diligently are beginning to stir and squirm.

They begin to whisper to one another. “Hey, Is the internet working for you?” “I can’t get this page to load.” Your worst fear as a Chromebook loving teacher has arrived…the wifi is down!

Chromebooks, Security Keys And USB-C

When it comes to online activity, security has and likely will always be one of the biggest concerns for users. If you’re like many people, you have your set of passwords for your devices and services and that is enough to keep your information safe while browsing the web, shopping online and whatever activities find you in front of a computer.

For more and more users, an added level of protection is becoming a prevalent desire, if not a necessity. Many companies now require employees to utilize what is called 2-factor authentication for software services, online applications and even device login. This process works exactly like it sounds. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, prompts users for 2 separate keys to access said services.

Multitask with ease on your Chromebook!

If you like to multitask (who doesn’t!), you MUST take advantage of the window switcher key on your Chromebook. Which key is that?

It’s magical! Press it and you can see all of the windows you have open. Switch between a spreadsheet, Google Classroom, your gradebook, Pandora, Canva, and more! As Android Apps for Chromebooks become more popular the window switcher key will be even more helpful!

Guide to Chromebook Privacy Settings for Students

Added an explanation of how to encrypt Chrome Sync data so that students can take advantage of Chrome Sync without sharing their browsing history and other personal information with Google, and pointed out that enabling autofill and password saving is OK if Chrome Sync is disabled or encrypted.

If your child’s school issued them a Chromebook, there are some important settings you can chance to improve their privacy.

How to Change Your Password on a Chromebook

I love Chromebooks. It’s not because I’m a Google Certified Teacher / Trainer or because I don’t like Microsoft, or [only] because they are cheap, or because they do something different than my Android, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Windows computer.

I love the Chromebook because, in my opinion, it exemplifies everything that I love about technology and the potential for technology to impact education.

How to Insert Symbols into Google Docs and Slides

You can insert special characters in your documents and presentations without having to remember all those Alt-codes by using Google Docs and Slides easy-to-use character insertion tool. It offers a myriad of symbols, characters, symbols, languages, and more. Here’s how you can insert special characters into your documents.

Common Chrome OS Problems, and How to Fix Them

Having problems on your Chromebook or other Chrome OS device? We’ve got all the major problems that Chrome users have come across, and the solutions that make them go away.

It should be noted that because Chrome OS is based on web apps, so the line between the Chrome web browser and the Chrome OS can be blurry. However, they aren’t the same, and the following problems deal with the operating system specifically.

8 noteworthy new features coming to Chromebooks this month

Sometimes, the most significant story is also the easiest to miss.

While everyone’s focused on shiny new hardware and months-old ecosystem improvements, Google is quietly delivering what may be its most transformative Chrome OS update yet — and it’s an update that’ll reach most Chromebooks released over the past five years.