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Being Stylus

Touchscreens are everywhere. I no longer have any of my “toys” without one. My desktop computer has a 23? Hannspree touch monitor. My Dell 15? laptop, Microsoft Surface 3 and the 11? Chromebook have touchscreens. Of course, the iPad, the 2 Android smartphones, and our old iPhones are touch.

Like many of my friends & neighbors, my fingers are not as easy to control and precision is not always the norm. I attend a lot of trade shows and local events where businesses have booths where they give away advertising “stuff.” Many of them now give away a stylus or a pen with a stylus. I always pick some up, to use or to share with friends.

Stop Calling Google’s Chromebooks Toy Computers

The crisp air of a late summer evening. Pristine erasers in a package of unused pencils. The rubbery smell of new sneakers still in the box. Some sensations are powerful enough to span generations—unmistakable signals that it’s back-to-school time.

Others, meanwhile, are more likely to betray a person’s age group. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably told your kids about making schoolbook covers out of paper grocery bags. Today’s students have no such concerns, of course. What they toss in their book bags is made of Chrome—Google Chrome, that is.

The Best Tools for Editing Pictures on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have long been touted as great machines for users who “don’t need anything more than a browser.” But as time has gone on, the machines have gotten more powerful, with more program options are available than ever before. If you thought editing photos from a Chromebook wasn’t possible, it’s time to give it another look.

Run Android Apps on an Acer R11 Chromebook

The Acer R11 Chromebook is a touchscreen Chromebook that flips around into a tablet. Recently Google has enabled Android apps to run on Chromebooks. This capability is not standard on Chromebooks yet and currently only available for selected models. I really like my Acer R11 convertible Chromebook. The device works really nice. I like how the keyboard feels and the trackpad is my favorite of any Chromebook I have used. The touchscreen is very responsive. The screen has a 360° hinge to allow it to rotate into a tablet. You can also rotate it various degrees in order to create a display or tent display. Android Apps Chromebook.

How To Configure Your Chromebook For Ultimate Security

A Chromebook is already an ultra-secure computer straight out of the box. Because it doesn’t run a traditional operating system and takes advantage of various Google-powered security measures, Chrome OS is well-guarded against the evils lurking out there on the web.

But you can always do more, particularly if you want to minimize traces of your Internet wanderings, or prevent your every online action from contributing to an advertising profile.

The Life of a Chromebook

Ask a public school administrator about a cost effective way to try to go 1:1 in a school, and the odds are a good many of them will say to buy Chromebooks.  We had the privilege of being asked to come to a school to pioneer paperless classrooms. We were always known as those teachers who were out there, dancing around the room, doing whatever we could to keep kids engaged. We were also known as those who were always looking for new ways to engage students. To us, this sounded perfect.

10 Awesome and Surprising Ways You Can Use Google Docs in the Classroom

As a teacher, you probably know about Google Docs. You’ve probably even been using pieces of it for years! But there’s a lot more to it than just sharing documents and having an easy, cloud-based solution for your classroom. Over the years, I’ve gotten to learn about some pretty sweet features that have made my life as a teacher easier. These functionalities are built into Google Docs, and they are fantastic. Even though they might not be on your radar, take a look. You’ll be glad you did!

Chromebook Antivirus And Chrome OS Security Measures

Today we got an email from a reader who recently switched from Windows to Chrome, asking us what Chromebook antivirus solution works best for his new machine. As I searched the web, I found that users that are not yet familiar with Chrome are constantly asking if their Chromebook needs an antivirus solution. Even though there is a quite short answer to this question (No), I would like to go a little bit into further detail regarding how exactly these types of machines are protected by Google and what supplementary steps an average user can take, in order to keep certain kind of threats away.