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How to Unlock Your Chromebook with an Android Smartphone

One of the newest features to come to Chrome OS is the ability to unlock your computer using your Android smartphone. Setting it up is pretty straightforward, only requiring that you have both devices in hand. When finished, you will be able to get into your Chromebook by merely unlocking your phone…

How to unlock your Chromebook with an Android smartphone …

How to Take Screenshots on a Chromebook

While it can be incredibly easy to take screenshots on smartphones, a little more work has to go into capturing portions of your Chromebook’s display. The good news, though, is that once you learn how to take screenshots, the process is pretty hard to forget and takes just seconds to do…

How to take a screenshot of your entire display
How to take a partial screenshot
How to take a screenshot in tablet mode
How to edit a screenshot
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Chromebook is Secure – Not Junk

I was deeply disturbed to read a recent letter to the editor which used my name in the headline yet primarily focused on the author’s achievements and the alleged pitfalls of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative. Our district has worked hard to thoughtfully roll out a 1:1 initiative where all students in grades 6-12 are given a Chromebook to use and our students in grades K-5 have access to a Chromebook while in class. Our administration worked tirelessly to marry the technological needs of our students with security and social concerns. The initiative was the outgrowth of teacher, student and parent feedback piloted over several years.

Google Just Added Support for Android Apps to More Chromebooks

Google continues to keep on its promise to bring support for Android apps to older Chromebook models, and it recently expanded Android apps support to 17 more Chromebook systems.

Support for running Android apps is currently limited to newer Chromebooks and some older models that Google updated earlier this summer, about 31 of them, and it now updates the “Chrome OS Systems Supporting Android Apps” wiki page once again with support for seventeen other Chromebooks.

In other words, users of the Chromebook models listed below can now (finally) use Android apps that they can install from the official Google Play store. However, it should be noted that some Chromebooks only support Android apps via the Chrome OS Beta channel, … (read more)

How to Customize Your Google Chrome and Chromebook Searches

I just reviewed the Google Pixelbook and I think it’s great — but Chrome OS is much more limited than either macOS or Windows when it comes to customizing how the core OS works. One of my favorite tools on the Mac is called Alfred, a tool that pops up a little search bar that can do basically anything you can think to program into it. I use it so much I have replaced my Caps Lock key with it and when I use a Chromebook, I miss it terribly.

But! Chromebooks have a similar text box, it’s the Google search bar. But it’s not as powerful as Alfred when it comes to customizing stuff. Luckily, Chrome has a hidden little feature that lets you customize how that search box works with different rules.

Chromebooks With Android Support List Gets Major Update

Google’s much-anticipated Pixelbook will soon be out in the wild and the Play Store on Chrome OS is now “out of Beta. The next six month should be exciting times for Chromebook fans but many are still left awaiting Google’s promise of Android apps on existing devices.

Today brought some good news for some of you wondering if Google had forgotten about you. While a total rollout still eludes us, the developer’s list of Chromebooks with Android app support just got a major shot in the arm.

Acer’s Aluminum Chromebook 15 – 2017 Review

Acer has been selling its Chromebook 15 in a variety of configurations since January of 2015. In fact, they currently list 8 different varieties on the Acer online store and somehow more at Amazon. There are bare bones versions of the Acer Chromebook 15 for as little at $179 at Walmart, but what we’re here to talk about today is a relatively high-end model affectionately named the “CB515-1HT-P39B.”

Most important, is its aluminum shell or at least half the shell, which your friends, if their vision isn’t great, might mistake for a 2015 MacBook Pro. It also has 2 charge capable USB-C ports on either side with 2 legacy USB-A ports, as well.

I took my first look at this year’s model at IFA in August and last week Acer sent me one for review. Here are my thoughts after a week.

4 Crazy Chromebook Myths Debunked

Here in the real world of 2017, Google’s making it increasingly clear that it takes Chromebooks seriously — and that these systems aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The argument can be made, in fact, that the Chromebook is on its way to becoming a whole new kind of all-purpose productivity machine. On a more macro level, meanwhile, sales are consistently strong, and a fresh focus is being placed on Chrome OS adoption in the enterprise.

The Chromebook is the new Android tablet

Riddle me this, dear reader: If you’ve got a device that looks like a tablet, acts like a tablet, and runs Android apps, what do you call it?

Odds are, your gut answer is “an Android tablet” — right? (Either that, or “a parsnip.” But seriously, if that’s what you thought, seek immediate counseling.)

What I’m actually describing, as you may guessed, is a convertible Chromebook.

25 Tricks to Master Google Photos

You’re not at a loss for services that automatically back up photos and provide access to them on any device. There’s Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud, just to start. But Google Photos has grown pretty fast, topping 500 million active users per month after two years of existence.

It’s worth downloading the mobile app for some extra peace of mind. Google Photos offers truly unlimited backup of all the photos (and videos) you take. Every single one. The caveat: they have to be less than 16 megapixels to qualify for the unlimited storage. You are allowed to upload larger images—but Google converts them on the fly to 16 megapixels. (It downgrades video shot above 1080p.)