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Chrome OS Now Boasts Real-Time Hardware Usage Monitoring

Chrome OS is now capable of providing users with a real-time hardware usage monitoring service, Googler François Beaufort revealed earlier this month. The latest build of Chrome OS on the Canary channel ships with a dedicated page for resource usage tracking but as is usually the case with experimental functionalities of Google’s open-source operating system, this particular feature isn’t enabled by default. Instead, you’re required to activate it manually by enabling the “chrome://flags/#sys-internals” flag, after which you’ll have to restart your device. Make sure you’re on the Canary channel before trying to activate the aforementioned flag through your Omnibox as the procedure will otherwise amount to nothing.

Best Chromebooks – September 2017

Word on the street has it that Google is preparing to announce a new Chromebook next month during its now-confirmed October 4 event. While exciting for a number of reasons, one of the most obvious is Google’s own Chromebooks normally come sporting a best in class build quality, user experience, and design. Although, they do typically also come with a price reflecting that best in class status. In either case, if you are after a new Chromebook this month then here are our best picks for a new Chromebook in September 2017.

How to Completely Reinstall Chrome OS on Your Chromebook

As operating systems go, Chrome OS is arguably the most reliable of them all. You won’t have to deal with the dreaded “blue screen of death,” crashes, viruses, boot failures, or any of the other things that regularly go wrong on Windows, Mac, and the common Linux distros.

That said, things do still occasionally go wrong. More often than not, the cause can be traced back to the user. Perhaps you tried installing Linux and something went awry, maybe you went poking around in the Developer Mode and made an irreversible change, or perhaps you got unlucky and downloaded a Canary Build that crashed the system.

In any of these cases, you might need to completely reinstall the operating system. Keep reading to find out how.

The 7 Most Common Chromebook Errors and How to Fix Them

Chromebooks are delightfully robust machines. Things rarely go wrong, and they can take a real hammering before they eventually give up the ghost. It puts them in stark contrast to most Windows laptops and Macs.

And because Chromebooks are so cheap, it’s not the end of the world if your laptop does go to the graveyard in the sky — you can get a new one for little more than $200.

However, don’t throw away your device just yet. It might still be salvageable. You just need to identify your problem and follow a few basic troubleshooting steps.

Reviewed: Samsung Chromebook Plus


I have been using the Samsung Chromebook Plus exclusively now for a few months to really get to grips with it as it is different to a Windows based laptop and some things which I will go into taking a little bit of getting used to.

Firstly let me just say that it has completely replaced the need for me to carry around a Windows Laptop. If you had a fear previously that Chromebooks needed internet all the time then fear not as that need is now gone.

New Chromebooks With Cellular Options May Be On The Horizon

It’s 2017 and things are changing exponentially in the world of Chrome OS. Convertibles are king and tablets and detachable will soon be a reality. Mobile carriers are continuing to battle and drive down the price of unlimited plans and add-ons. It is now plausible to have a second cellular device with enough data to actually do something with and still cost less than what many of us paid for one line just five years ago.

At least once a week I search the Chromium repository for any signs of new cellular support or a device that might be housing a cellular modem. Aside from the occasional update to existing devices, I have continually come up empty-handed.

Chromebooks Can Zip Files, Too, And Here’s How To Do It

Want to compress some files on your Chromebook, or maybe open a compressed file you recently downloaded? Not every Chromebook user realizes this, but support for zipping and unzipping both .ZIP and .RAR files is built into ChromeOS, meaning your Chromebook can already do it — assuming you know how. There’s also a free application designed to add support for even more filetypes, whether you need to handle .7Z files or tarballs. Let’s dive right in, and show you how to manage archived files on your Chromebook.

6 Reasons Why a Chromebook Should Be Your Next Computer

Then, tragedy struck. My laptop computer broke and I was forced to buy a new computer just as I was starting college.

The following week I purchased a Chromebook, what I thought would be an interim computer, but I was very wrong. I’ve been using that same Chromebook for four years, and it’s only now just showing signs of being that old. I use it every single day, and I love every minute of it.

Chromebooks Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore: How My Mom Made The Switch From Windows

Like many GeekWire readers, I’m the de-facto IT support guy in our family. So when my mother’s laptop began to fail a few months ago, I was ready with advice: buy a Chromebook.

We already have one Chromebook in the family. Last year I bought an Acer C720 for my daughter, partly as an experiment to see how it would work out for a college student. You can hear details in this GeekWire podcast, but in short she’s quite happy with the choice.

So I figured a Chromebook is even better suited for my mother who is somewhere north of 70 years old:

Chromebook Crazy

I think I have finally gone Chromebook crazy! I have always loved Chromebooks for their ease when accessing G Suite and living in a Google Ecosystem, but lately, they have become even more!

I had no idea all of the awesomeness that lay just beyond the settings icon! Nor did I really know just how incredible the apps and extensions could be. These things are life changing! Ok, maybe not life changing but they are certainly a reason to take another look at Chromebooks.