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Chromebooks Can Zip Files, Too, And Here’s How To Do It

Want to compress some files on your Chromebook, or maybe open a compressed file you recently downloaded? Not every Chromebook user realizes this, but support for zipping and unzipping both .ZIP and .RAR files is built into ChromeOS, meaning your Chromebook can already do it — assuming you know how. There’s also a free application designed to add support for even more filetypes, whether you need to handle .7Z files or tarballs. Let’s dive right in, and show you how to manage archived files on your Chromebook.

6 Reasons Why a Chromebook Should Be Your Next Computer

Then, tragedy struck. My laptop computer broke and I was forced to buy a new computer just as I was starting college.

The following week I purchased a Chromebook, what I thought would be an interim computer, but I was very wrong. I’ve been using that same Chromebook for four years, and it’s only now just showing signs of being that old. I use it every single day, and I love every minute of it.

Chromebooks Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore: How My Mom Made The Switch From Windows

Like many GeekWire readers, I’m the de-facto IT support guy in our family. So when my mother’s laptop began to fail a few months ago, I was ready with advice: buy a Chromebook.

We already have one Chromebook in the family. Last year I bought an Acer C720 for my daughter, partly as an experiment to see how it would work out for a college student. You can hear details in this GeekWire podcast, but in short she’s quite happy with the choice.

So I figured a Chromebook is even better suited for my mother who is somewhere north of 70 years old:

Chromebook Crazy

I think I have finally gone Chromebook crazy! I have always loved Chromebooks for their ease when accessing G Suite and living in a Google Ecosystem, but lately, they have become even more!

I had no idea all of the awesomeness that lay just beyond the settings icon! Nor did I really know just how incredible the apps and extensions could be. These things are life changing! Ok, maybe not life changing but they are certainly a reason to take another look at Chromebooks.

How Much Ram Do You Need In A Chromebook

When you’re looking to purchase a new (or used, but new to you) laptop, one major consideration is how much RAM you need. Chromebooks are no exception.

The general rule of “as much as you can afford” will always ring true, but that’s hardly a good answer and we can do better. Let’s talk a little about how a Chromebook uses and manages memory and how you use one affects how much of it you need.

Google Chrome App and Extension Database

I have put together a Google Chrome App and Extension Database for Teachers and Students that is loaded with apps and extensions for productivity and classroom integration. The database includes 100+ Apps and Extensions and is searchable and filterable. I do not recommend every app and extension for every teacher. Rather, use this as a guide to find what works for you, your classroom and your students. There is something in here for everyone.

The 7 Best Chromebooks Of 2017: The Top Chromebooks Ranked

All set at frugal prices, the top Chromebooks on the market won’t give you much to complain about in terms of sheer value. Better yet, every one of them is equipped with specs that can handle a heavy workload. Leaving little to the imagination, here they are:

Asus Chromebook Flip
Samsung Chromebook Pro
Dell Chromebook 11
Acer Chromebook 15
Acer Chromebook R11
HP Chromebook 14
Hp Chromebook 13

Google Launches A Fresh New Chromebook Landing Page

The official Chromebook page from Google has gone through many changes over the years. As the platform has evolved, so too has Google’s landing pages.

This latest incarnation is by far the most beautiful and interesting Chromebook landing page yet.

From this one page, all users can see not only the beauty of the newer generation of Chromebooks, but also all the things that can be done using a Chromebook. The site is full of information, images, and very interesting design tweaks.

Data Science on a Chromebook

About nine months ago I announced that I was attempting a Chromebook experiment for the 2nd time. At first I thought it was going to be a short term experiment just to see if it was possible to function with only a Chromebook. But in an interesting twist I got used to it and have been working exclusively on a Chromebook for the last few months since the experiment started.

I set myself the following requirements:

How to Close Unresponsive Chromebook Apps

Have a frozen app that’s locking up your Chromebook? Thankfully, it’s not difficult to close it and move on. This is one of the basic skills that every Chromebook owner should know.

Thanks to Chrome’s built-in task manager, it’s easy to force close any misbehaving processes: