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Best Chromebooks – December 2017

2017 is now coming to a close and as we look back at the year, it has proven to be a busy one for Chromebooks and Chrome OS in general. A number of solid and high-profile Chromebooks have come through which collectively raised the average price of a Chromebook up slightly, compared to previous years. This is likely to be a trend that continues in 2018 as Chromebooks continue to become more design-focused, more powerful, and overall – better. Chromebooks do, however, still remain a highly affordable alternative to laptops and if you are in the market for a new Chromebook before the year closes out, then here are our top 10 best Chromebooks picks for December, 2017.

Google Testing USB Titan Security Key On Chromebooks

When it comes to security, Google isn’t a one-trick-pony with their world-dominating Chrome browser. Now a giant in the cloud arena, Google continues to push forward in the area of online data protection in the form of both software and hardware.

Google’s Online Security Blog keeps running updates of how you, the user, benefit from the ever-evolving defenses created by developers but these updates only scratch the surface of what’s going on behind the scenes in Mountain View.

Announced earlier this year, Google has designed its own micro-controller to combine hardware and software security measures to be deployed in their own data centers. The Titan security chip combines multiple levels of software verification and the additional strength of hardware authentication.

Life With Chromebook Ep. 1: First 6 Hours

A year and a half ago, I wrote an article here on my experience with a Chromebook (kinda), and now, I finally got my hands on an actual Chromebook, and this is my experience in the first 24 hours.

Why I bought it in the first place?
It is super cheap. I got it for €140 on eBay (shipping included)! Honestly I did not exactly thought this through, and I don’t exactly have plans for this laptop and how it will co-exist with my 11″ MacBook Air. I desperately need a new laptop (you can also read my experience on buying and returning the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar here), and I guess I was hoping this cheap laptop can help take some workload from the MBA.

Life With Chromebook Ep. 2: First 25 Days

It has only been 25 days, and unsurprisingly it is still doing fine. In fact, it actually feels better because I am more used to the quirks and stuff: the screen is more acceptable with the right brightness, and the trackpad actually feels good enough after I am used to the weird texture a bit more. And after dozens of times of outing with this device, I am happy to report that the battery life of this thing is very good. I didn’t do any measurements that is even remotely scientific, but just from a day to day experience, I can tell you that it can easily last a day of research, browsing, music, and more.

Buying a Chromebook? Here’s What You Need to Worry About

You may need a Wall Street Journal subscription to read this.
I knew we’d be getting our children a computer sooner or later. I just assumed there would be more deliberation over what kind of machine it would be. Yet after my wife said it, the pro-Chromebook argument just flowed: * They’re by and large cheaper than low-end MacBooks and decent Windows laptops. * The children already use them in school with their student Google accounts.
* Chrome OS is easier to use and historically less prone to malware than Mac OS and Windows. * Chromebooks are easier to share than iPads and are better for typing practice. * And now they even run Android apps (which, OK, can be a minus, depending on the app—I’m looking at you, “Candy Crush”).

Chrome Remote Desktop Hits The Web, Allows Remoting To A Chromebook For Support

One of the best-kept secrets in the Chrome world has long-been Chrome Remote Desktop. I’ve personally used it for years and it was a vital tool that helped me make the transition to Chrome OS back before it was ready for me as a daily driver.

The best part of Chrome Remote Desktop was always the ease of setup. Basically, you install the extension and a small app on the host device (Windows, Mac, Linux) and that device becomes one of your remote devices listed in your account.

How To Recover A Chromebook Over USB

Chromebooks are generally easy, but sometimes you need to bring out the big guns to fix a problem. This is how to recovery a broken Chromebook.

Chromebooks are the easiest-to-use laptops out there, but even the best designed system can be susceptible to failure. In this case, it may be necessary to recover your Chromebook.

Fortunately, it’s an easy process. To get started, you’ll need the Chrome browser — or another Chrome OS device — and the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension installed. You’ll also need a spare USB drive that you’ve already backed up, since using that drive for the recovery media will wipe and files that are already there. If you have a newer Chromebook that only has USB-C ports, make sure to have a USB-C flash drive or the appropriate adapters.

The Beginner’s Guide to Gmail

Are you looking for help with your new Gmail account? Or, are you still trying to figure out what all your Gmail email settings mean? You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, I’m going to Show you how to create a new Gmail account, Understand the Inbox and how to organize your email, Look at advanced Gmail features, Talk about the Gmail mobile app, and Point out how third-party cloud services work with your Gmail account online (or even offline).

The Power User Guide to Gmail

This Gmail guide is not for new users, but for those of you who already use Gmail and want to take advantage of its many features. Those of you who are new should probably read The Beginner’s Guide to Gmail first, which will give you an introduction to the service and how to use its most basic and important features.