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6 Chromebook Annoyances You Should Fix Right Now

Chromebooks are fun, lightweight, and convenient. But in many ways they can also be terribly annoying at times.

Over time, those annoyances crop up to bug you so often that before long, you’ll end up feeling like throwing the thing through the nearest window.

Have no fear. While a Chromebook has a few limitations compared to a regular laptop, there are ways you can either work around these issues, or fix them entirely.

Best Chromebooks 2018: the 8 top Chromebooks ranked

Similar to Windows laptops, Chromebooks are available in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, price tags, and manufacturers. The market is pretty diverse. What unifies the world of Chromebooks is an attention to details like long battery life, and speedy performance without the price premiums that high end CPUs carry with them. However, that does mean that they don’t have the greatest graphics capability, but they don’t need it – they make the most out of what they have to offer.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts Getting A New Look

For many users, keyboard shortcuts are the bread and butter of a proficient workflow. If you’re a Chrome OS fan, you’re probably familiar with your Chromebook’s popup keyboard that lists all the available shortcuts at your disposal.

If, by chance, you aren’t privy to this little feature, go ahead and check it out for yourself and see what you’ve been missing.

Use Google Lens On Your Chromebook To Grab Text From Images

Google has, in various ways through the years, attempted to allow users to pull text from images. Be it Google Drive, Google Docs, Translate or some other service, there have been some pretty solid tries to convert images to text by Google.

To this point, none of them have been viable, useful tools for actually doing this on a regular basis. Why would you want this, anyway?

How To Check For Chrome OS Updates

One of the beautiful features of Chrome OS is that it automatically updates itself every couple of weeks. But if you know an update is available and don’t want to wait for it, there’s a way to manually check for updates. Here’s how…