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The List Grows

Google continues to add Chromebook models that have access to the Google Play Store. Some are considered Stable and some are still in Beta, but these can now access Play Store, install & use Android Apps. The list is updated as additional models are added. You can always check it here.
The models currently able to utilize Android Apps (as of January 6, 2018) are:

My Chromebook is a Phone

Today, I made my Chromebook a phone. I can dial out to any phone and receive calls just using my Chromebook and an Android App from MagicJack . Not only can I use it as a phone, I can also message with the app as well.

How To Print From A Chromebook

Chromebooks are compact, agile laptops meant to do most of their work in the cloud. But from time to time, you probably still need to print something. When a printing job comes along, don’t get taken off guard: Here’s how to make sure your printer is ready to use and how to print on a Chromebook.

It should be noted that we’re going to go over the Google Cloud version, which requires a Wi-Fi printer. This is the ideal method with the average modern printer. However, if connecting to a printer via Wi-Fi isn’t an option for you, then we suggest connecting your Chromebook to a printer with a USB cable first and skipping the parts about connecting over a network.

The TOP Chrome OS Laptops From Google, Dell and Acer

As 2018 begins, we’ve gathered every single Chromebook worth buying right now, to save you the hassle of doing the research yourself. Here at Expert Reviews, we’re always taking a look at the latest and greatest Chromebooks on offer, with the best coverage in the UK. We’ve sorted out the best of the bunch.

How To Copy And Paste On A Chromebook

When you first fire up your new Chromebook and get to work, you’ll probably have a few questions about the slim Chrome OS and how everything works. One question that users eventually have is, “How do I copy and paste on Chrome?”

The good news is that copying and pasting on a Chromebook works very much like copying on other computer systems. Let’s go through common copy/paste tasks and how you can do them quickly.

The Chromebook Creativity Project – Jump In

Since sharing some depressing data on how Chromebooks are being used by over 5,000,000 students in America’s schools, great conversations have begun over what do we do about it.

In my post I stated my dismay over the fact no creative sites were listed anywhere in the report. In order to help rectify this, I am beginning this page of links to sites that Chromebook-using learners can use to demonstrate learning in visual ways beyond the traditional typed document.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook

Chromebooks and other devices that run Chrome OS are great if you want a simple and cost-effective machine for accessing the web. Google’s browser-for-everything approach can cause some confusion, however, especially for general functions like taking a screenshot in Windows or doing the same on MacOS. While Chromebooks don’t include a “Print screen” key, learning how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook is actually fairly simple — whether you need to grab the entire screen or just a portion.

If you haven’t bought your Chromebook yet, here are our favorites for 2018.

Chrome OS 64 Begins Rolling Out

Here are the highlights from the Chrome Release Blog but as always, we’ll dig into this latest version to see what else came along for the ride.

Take screenshots faster on Chromebooks with a 360-degree hinge by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time (*note – we’ve seen this feature in Stable for some time now on many devices)
Revamped Intent Picker for Play Applications (Same window by default with override)
Lockscreen Performance Improvements
Enable VPN for Google Play Apps
Enhancements to our protected media pipeline for Android
Android Container Auto Update Optimizations
Touchscreen pairing settings

My Favorite Screencasting Tool Now Works on Chromebooks

Screencast-o-Matic has been my favorite screencasting tool for years. I use it on my Windows and Mac computers to create almost all of the videos that you see on my YouTube channel. The one knock against Screencast-o-Matic has always been that it wouldn’t work on Chromebooks. That has changed. Last fall Screencast-o-Matic launched a beta product that worked on Chromebooks. And yesterday that product left beta and is available to anyone who wants to use it.