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Chromebook Security

Chromebooks use the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, so if any one layer is bypassed, others are still in effect. So while it’s still important to take precautions to protect your data, Chromebooks let you breathe just a little bit easier. Your Chromebook has the following security features built-in:

6 Chromebook Apps To Improve Your Productivity

Some might say that you can’t do much besides wade around the internet with a Chromebook, but that’s really not the case anymore. One of the best things about Google’s browser-based operating system is that it’s now open to Chrome web apps and Android apps, so its library has expanded nearly ten-fold.

Of course, not everything is worth the download, and if you’re headed off on a new venture—starting school, or maybe opening your own business—you might be wondering what apps to use now that your Chromebook is heading with you into the real world. Here are a six Chrome web apps and Android apps that can help you get things done.

Need to Zoom In or Out On Your Chromebook? Here’s How to Do it

Chromebooks are inexpensive and lightweight, but their small screens are sometimes difficult to read. If you’re having trouble seeing something on your Chromebook, you can zoom in a single window, like Chrome, or magnify the entire desktop so it’s easier to see the interface and icons. Chromebooks also come with a built-in accessibility tool, allowing you to magnify small portions of the screen to make them easier to see.

18 Chromebook keyboard shortcuts every student should know

There are keyboard shortcuts that are universal — Crtl + C for copy, Ctrl + V for paste — but just as often there are shortcuts that change between systems, websites, and programs. Chromebooks have some fairly standard shortcuts — and a handy shortcut Ctrl + Alt + / to show you the more basic ones — but looking at the full list of shortcuts can make your eyes glaze over like staring down the 400-page book you were supposed to read and write your book report on over summer vacation.

The Best Accessories To Turn Your Chromebook Into A Powerhouse Workstation

So you have a shiny new Chromebook and want to give it a little oomph. There are definitely some neat accessories out there to supercharge your Chromebook experience—here are some of the must haves.

The number of things that are compatible with a Chromebook may surprise you, especially given their simplistic nature. That said, as you approach the “what accessories to buy” aspect of Chromebook ownership, though, you should at least keep your expectations in check—there are still plenty of one-off products here and there that lack Chrome OS compatibility.

Google’s latest Chromebook ad throws shade at macOS and Windows

Chrome OS has always been considered inferior to the “real” computer operating systems, Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s macOS. However, it does have some major advantages which Google has been trying to point out for years. In its latest ad for Chromebooks, the company highlights a few of those strengths, as well as throwing shade at the competition.

Top 3 reasons to buy a Chromebook over a cheap Windows laptop

When looking for a new computer, you may think that the only things you need to really consider are price, storage, screen resolution, and how heavy it’s going to be to lug around, but before all of that, consider what operating system is really going to give you the best experience and performance. While in previous years there were some legitimate reasons to go for a Windows laptop over a Chromebook, they’re all gone now. For the vast majority of computer users, Chrome OS will offer better performance and need less maintenance, especially at lower price-points.

How to get Android apps on a Chromebook

One of the most exciting changes Google made to its Chrome OS platform and Chromebook hardware in recent years, was the addition of Android app support. While Chrome OS could already run Chrome browser extensions, web apps, and Chrome apps, the addition of the millions of Android apps has greatly increased the platform’s value.

Most new Chromebooks come with the Google Play Store out of the box, which allows you to quickly install your favorite Android apps. If your Chromebook was introduced in or after 2017, then it’s guaranteed to run Android apps. Either way, Google has put together an extensive list of Chromebooks that have access to Android apps that you can check. If you’re not on that list, there’s still a way to do it, just skip down to the second section.

The Best Photo Editors for Chromebooks

One of the biggest question we see about Chromebooks is “can they run Photoshop?” The answer to that is no—at least not the full version you’ll find on other platforms. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do photo editing.

And that’s really the key here: knowing when you need Photoshop versus when you just need something to edit photos. There are some powerful tools available for Chromebooks—perhaps not quite as powerful as Photoshop, but they can get pretty dang close for most uses.