These are articles and blogs that I have found that may be of interest to those using Chromebooks.

Chromebook User Guide

The Chromebook User Guide

If you are a Google Chrome user, you already know how to use Chrome OS and Chromebooks. This is my attempt to make things even more easier for you by providing a comprehensive user guide to Chrome OS. The Chromebook User Guide You might also want to join the Chromebook community on Google Plus for quick help and tips from user around the world. Getting Started With Chromebook If you are new to Chrome OS and Chromebooks, the best place to start is my Getting Started Guide for Chromebooks. This is a quick read and covers most of the things that new users get stuck with on their first day with Chrome OS.
How to reset a Chromebook

How to Reset a Chromebook

Wanna pass on that new Chromebook to your child or Grandma? You'll want to reset it to factory settings by wiping all your personal data. But, you should know that you'll be deleting your files, photos, saved networks and permissions. If you follow our directions below, you'll then be presented with the initial sign up screens. 1. Click the menu on the bottom right of the screen. Then tap Settings.