These are articles and blogs that I have found that may be of interest to those using Chromebooks.

Chromebook as Primary work computer

Using A Chromebook As Your Primary Work Computer

So you’re thinking of replacing your laptop this year and the inexpensive Google Chromebook — a PC with the cloud-based Chrome operating system — is an enticing option. Nine models are currently available from four manufacturers (Acer, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba). The prices range from $199 to $329, with the exception of the Google Pixel, which comes with a high-resolution display and starts at $1,299. When evaluating purchasing a Chromebook as your primary work computer, here are a few pros and cons to consider:
Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

10 Powerful Shortcuts for Google Chromebook Users

Chromebook is the favorite choice for laptop lovers now a days. There are several who shift from Microsoft Windows laptop to Google Chrome. But keyboard shortcuts may create a headache for them. For example, how will you right click with touchpad ? Or what is the shortcut for re-opening the last tab you closed ? Or How do you open task manager of Chrome ? Confused ? Chrome provides powerful ways to access its various functions and settings. From right clicking to pinned tabs it will work like a charm.
Chromebook Classroom Podcast

The Chromebook Classroom Podcast with John R. Sowash

The Chromebook Classroom Podcast was created to highlight how Chromebooks are impacting education around the world. Season 1 features six episodes with interviews with the head of Chromebooks for Education, a tech director from Ohio, an elementary teacher who figured out how to get 5 year olds to enter their password correctly, a energetic college professor, a tech integration specialist who helped his teachers migrate from iPads to Chromebooks, and a middle school teacher who uses Chromebooks for project based learning. It’s a full season!
Chromebook 101

Chromebooks 101

Chromebooks are lightweight and durable laptops designed for students. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and price points, have batteries that last the whole day, and boot-up in under 10 seconds.