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7 Features Your Next Chromebook Must Have

7 Features Your Next Chromebook Must Have

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular. They’re well recognized as being the best operating system for non-tech savvy elderly users, students love them, and according to the latest figures, they boast a massive 58 percent market share in the education sector. How do you know what to look out for? What are the key specs and features? If you’re about to hit the shops, read this article first. I’m going to introduce you to seven features your next Chromebook must have. 1. Android Apps Compatibility
Android on ChromeOS

The Future of Android on ChromeOS

Google I/O is an annual developer conference organized and hosted by Google. I/O is an important event during which Google announces features and products that are in development. Some of these products and features will make their way into the classroom. Last year during Google I/O we learned that Android Apps would soon be available on Chromebooks. Over the past year we have seen access to Google Play on Chromebooks slowly roll out to select Chromebooks as an option beta experience.
Android Apps on Chrome OS

Android apps run securely on Chrome OS in Linux containers

With first-quarter shipments exceeding Macs in the United States, Chromebooks are very popular. Schools and enterprises choose Chromebooks for their very streamlined use case: low cost, fast boot security, simplicity and ease of administration. Chromebooks just got a little more complicated, but for the better, with Google’s announcement that the Android Play Store will be available on Chromebooks and that Android apps will run on the Chrome operating system. The million Android apps—which include popular apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Skype and games such as Clash of Clans and Angry Birds—will remedy the Chromebook’s relative app sparsity.
Chromebooks Video from Chris & Jim Gould - Geeks on Tour

Chromebook in the House?

YouTube video from Jim & Chris Gould, The Geeks who Teach. Episode #117 Chromebooks are making a push for the laptop market. Our newest Chromebook runs Android apps. Is it the best option for some people?