5 Great Ways to Edit Video on Your Chromebook

It’s better (and easier) than you thought it was.

One of the biggest criticisms of a Chromebook is the lack of good programs for content creation. Any time you read an article on the internet about using a Chromebook, inevitably someone in the comments will mention Photoshop or Adobe Premiere as the reason they can’t use one, and they might be right. If you absolutely need Photoshop or Premiere and all the features they come with, you can’t expect to do it on a Chromebook without a lot of fuss.

But most people don’t need Photoshop or Premiere, even if they are using those programs on a Windows or macOS computer. And when you look at the alternatives that have the features a basic user needs, Chromebooks are starting to look better every day. We’ve mentioned that Polarr is an awesome photo editor for your Chromebook that can do more than most people will ever need, and now we’ve got five easy ways to edit your videos.

None of them are as feature-rich as Premiere, but every one of them stacks up against iMovie or even Final Cut ProX quite nicely. Have a look!

5 Great Ways to Edit Video on Your Chromebook

Original Article Appeared 11/23/2017